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Waterjet Cutting Safety Guidance Given by WINWIN Company

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The high pressure water used by the waterjet cutting system during cutting can cause serious harm to people.

The waterjet cutting system and its components may cause serious injury to people when they are mishandled or careless.

Risky components: robot and high-pressure water

Waterjet cutting equipment is used to cut automotive interior parts, such as carpets, dashboards, wheel covers, etc.

Safety Device for Cutting Equipment

When employees perform operations and maintenance in the cutting room, the emergency stop button in the cutting room can be used as a safety device for employees.

The emergency stop button is located on the main control system of the robot, the robot control handle, the man-machine interface of the equipment, the manual operation interface of the equipment, and the high-pressure pump.

Safety Equipment for Operators

It is recommended that operators use the following safety equipment: eye protection equipment, ear protection equipment, non-slip shoes with iron protection, and work clothes.

Workers need to pay attention to the following safety items when loading and unloading materials:

The robot returns to the HOME point;

The turntable rotates in place;

The operator must be in a safe area for loading and unloading.

Related Medical Knowledge

Cutting water with extremely high pressure will penetrate the skin immediately after it hits the skin, even if safety equipment is worn, the skin will be penetrated. The water passes through the lower layer of the skin directly into the tibia. Just through a small hole, the cortical bone will be damaged by cutting water.

The hand is the most vulnerable part.

The initial symptom is a very slight lump in the skin wound, then inflammation and dead skin mass will develop after a few hours. The recommended method is to go to the hospital immediately to clean up the wound and perform some examinations and treatments.

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