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The Rise of the Waterjet Profession

Author:Evgenia Jin Date:2020-09-21 13:41:52 Click:

The Rise of the Waterjet Profession(图1)

Waterjet cutting requires professional operators to complete. Waterjet cutting is not included in textbooks, and there are very few professional training institutions for waterjet cutting. Therefore, waterjet cutting operators are a very scarce profession. Starting from 30 years ago, the waterjet profession has performed a wonderful career. It can be classified as the machinery industry. Specific needs have a certain foundation of CNC operation, which is a basis for entry waterjet operation.

The first batch of waterjet cutting professions were produced in stone companies. It can also be said that waterjet cutting began in the stone industry when waterjet cutting became popular. A group of high-quality stone companies discovered the benefits of waterjet cutting and introduced waterjet cutting equipment in the first batch. As cutting machines, they represent a formal profession for waterjet cutting operators. At present, waterjet manufacturers already have a mature waterjet training system. When buying waterjet machines, we will be responsible for teaching one or two operators. Most modern waterjet equipment has been automated, including software that directly performs image recognition, so it is very convenient to operate.

With the advancement of science and technology, the operators of waterjet cutting machine have become more and more mature, and the technology of waterjet cutting equipment has been rising. However, waterjet cutting technology has been updated all the time. However, waterjet cutting technology is always updated, so more high-tech talents are needed to improve existing waterjet disadvantages, this also requires better operators to use it.

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