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Profits in the Waterjet Industry

Author:Evgenia Jin Date:2020-09-21 14:28:42 Click:

Profits in the Waterjet Industry(图1)

China is a big manufacturing country. It is also because of the development of technology and the hard work of the Chinese people that China has become a major manufacturing country. Large manufacturing countries have great advantages, but they also have certain disadvantages.

The waterjet cutting industry has entered the era of small profits. What is the profit of waterjet cutting equipment? Although it is impossible to give an accurate answer, it can be seen that the waterjet cutting equipment has entered the era of small profits. The main reason is that raw materials and labor are continuously increasing, and the increase is very large, technology research and development and update also require a large cost. However, the price fluctuation of the product cannot be directly proportional to these, and even the phenomenon of price reduction has appeared, resulting in less and less profit. In order to sustainably develop and maintain life, we must transform, including business ideas and product production orientation, all need to be strictly rectified, so how can we successfully transform?

First: Expand the scale of the enterprise. WINWIN company has realized this problem, so it bought a larger plant and office in a very short time. Only if the company is large enough can the production system be more complete, unified processes to produce more products, shorten product cycles, and reduce cost accounting, expand product inventory and reduce single cost. These are the recent reforms of our company. In order to ensure that customers can purchase high-quality products at reasonable prices, our company has made this series of changes.

Second: Technology update. Technology is always the soul of the company, and R&D technology and production technology play a key role in the strength and weakness of the company. Technology is also the core of development. The robotic waterjet cutting equipment part is a numerical control system, which occupies 30% of the entire equipment, especially the control elements of the waterjet cutting system independently developed by the waterjet cutting, including programs. At present, WINWIN robotic waterjet cutting equipment has reached the world's leading position.

Third: Good service. Customers are God. If we want to establish long-term cooperative relations with customers, good service is a bridge. If we want to establish a long-term foothold in the industry, we should not only pay attention to quality and technology, but also pay more attention to after-sales service. The future robotic waterjet cutting equipment will be more intelligent and remote. Especially the development of 5G has also brought the possibility of remote control. We believe that in the future, we will use 5G for remote after-sales and maintenance.

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