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BMW X7 Automotive interior

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BMW X7 Automotive interior(图1)The BMW X7 series car interior is very luxurious, with many details highlighting luxury. The 7X series supports customized services, can be changed according to customer requirements. This is a big highlight. Among them, the seat material has 5 choices, these five types of seats The material processing technology of the chair is not the same, including the use of robotic water cutting technology, laminating technology, pure manual cutting technology, etc., the decorative strip of the center control panel also has three materials to choose from, but the control panel is made of the same material The car roof uses more environmentally friendly materials and adds more advanced soundproof materials. The noise problem of BMW has been greatly improved. The entire central control adopts a large area of leather covering treatment, which has a very good texture and a very luxurious sense of connotation. .

So do you know how such advanced automotive interior materials are processed and formed? First of all, we may have several kinds of raw materials, sometimes more than a dozen kinds. We overlap these materials together, and then use environmentally friendly foaming and coagulation glue on each layer for preliminary bonding, and put them in the heating device. When the temperature reaches a certain level, it is placed on the stamping die for compression molding, and then placed in the robot water cutting workstation for water cutting trimming and cutting holes, and finally drying treatment and manual inspection, and then waiting for installation. The equipment used in the process is all advanced cutting-edge equipment, one of which is a robotic water cutting system that requires 200,000 to 300,000 US dollars. This is only one of the links, and the equipment needed to produce a new type of car interior Many millions of dollars, so the high price of high-end cars is worth it.

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