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robotic waterjet solution

robotic waterjet solution
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WINWIN 3D robotic waterjet cutting cells contain a rich experience of automation technology and cutting experience, the perfect combination of robotics and ultra-high pressure technology, including robots, intensifier pump, cutting worktable, vacuum adsorption system, software, general control system, peripheral equipment... ...

Main features:

It can cut a variety of soft materials, the car size is about 2800mmx1800mmx500mm, and the worktable can be customized according to the size of the workpiece.

The front and back worktables of the robot waterjet cutting equipment are upper and lower workpieces. 

Advanced safety protection system, can automatically and safely stop by using laser induction safety system and double safety control system

The dual intensifier ultra-high pressure pump ensures continuous operation of the equipment, and equipment maintenance does not affect the operation of the equipment.

The reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment system ensures the superiority of water quality.

High-efficiency refrigeration cooling system to ensure that the oil temperature is controlled at room temperature

Fully closed safety fence prevents high-pressure water from splashing out.

High-power vacuum adsorption system to ensure the fit between the workpiece and the mold, to ensure timely cleaning of the cutting debris.

Robot selection: ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa, FANUC,

Customizable waterjet cutting mold, automotive interior mold

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