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Frozen fish cutting-Robot cutting with abrasive

Author:Emmy Zhang 2020-08-21 15:56:48
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Frozen Fish Waterjet Cutting-Robot cutting with abrasive

Date: 2019-8

Due to the smooth cutting of frozen fish, our engineers provide customers with special jigs to fix fish of different sizes. Importantly, frozen fish is designed to be cut by a gaza water cutting robot due to its greater hardness. By adding abrasives to the cutting process, frozen fish can be cut more quickly. Since the fish cut by the customer is larger. With the cutting motion of the robot arm, the size of the cut is controlled to cut the fish to the size required by the customer. The robot control system controls the switch of the robot at any time during the entire cutting process. Convenient feeding and retrieving. The key point is robot cutting waterjet .

From the beginning to the end of the entire cutting process, high-efficiency cutting is realized, and the movement of the robot arm more accurately realizes the cutting size and accuracy.

Waterjet abrasive cutting is mainly for hard materials cutting. 

Frozen fish cutting-Robot cutting with abrasive(图1)

Win Win Waterjet Exhibition in Osaka Japan(图2)

Win Win Waterjet Exhibition in Osaka Japan(图3)

Win Win Waterjet Exhibition in Osaka Japan(图4)

Win Win Waterjet Exhibition in Osaka Japan(图5)

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