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Robotic waterjet operating system maintenance.

Author:Anna Wang Date:2020-09-21 16:11:06 Click:

1.The fault phenomenan is that general control system can't enter the software.

Reason and solution: the data of the program damage,please reinstall the programm, also make sure the program no virus.

2.Robotic system fault, one certain axis cant move, diaplay fault, please check the coresponding driver,or ask professinal robot after-sales service personnal to repair.

3.operation instruction failure, robot waterjet workstation emergency stop,reset,start and other buttons fault,please check the terminal connection  of the coresponsibility wire or whether the fuse is broken, etc.

4.Make sure all the cable and hardware finished installation,all the phase pf wire no problem. Turn on the general control system ,check whether there is a alarming; please confirm the emergency stop botton whether working; please confirm whether the light sensor and alarming working; please install the teaching pin( install the teaching pin same place with the orifice in the robot cutting head, with the pin tip outward),correct the robot,after the robot correct replace the teaching pin with orifice.

5.Make sure the robot at the original point, if not , exchange to manual mode to move the robot to origion point, make sure the system no alarming and emergency stop, reset can through click the white button on the general control .

Robotic waterjet operating system maintenance.(图1)

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