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Tile and glass waterjet cutting

Author:Emmy2018-06-21 10:39:49
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  • Tile and glass waterjet cutting

    Tile and glass waterjet cutting(1/1)

Tile waterjet cutting and glass waterjet cutting

China’s glass industry technology has reached the world’s leading position, and glass is increasingly used in various industries. On the one hand, it has promoted the development of the glass industry, on the other hand, it has also promoted the development of glass manufacturing technology. The rapid development of glass cutting technology is inseparable. One reason for this is the addition of water cutting technology, which provides a quick and convenient solution for the diversity of glass products. Glass is fragile, and there is a lot of waste of material when using mechanical cutting methods, while thermal cutting methods such as laser and plasma are rarely used. Manual cutting methods are less efficient, difficult to cut curves, and complex graphics cutting is incompetent. Waterjet cutting can process any geometric figures; the cutting size is accurate and beautiful, and the cut is frosted; no heat is generated during cutting, and no scratches are caused at the cutting seam. It is safe, environmentally friendly, and easy or even without reprocessing; Cutting and perforating any curve, no mold is needed, flexible and convenient, no special clamping of the workpiece, simple and convenient operation; cutting seam only 1mm, smooth and smooth cut surface, no edge burst, wide cutting range, cutting glass thickness Up to 100mm.

Tile waterjet cutting and glass waterjet cutting(图1)

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