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High-Speed Rail Interior Cutting

Author:Emmy2018-03-05 10:19:08
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  • High-Speed Rail Interior Cutting

    High-Speed Rail Interior Cutting(1/2)

  • High-Speed Rail Interior Cutting

    High-Speed Rail Interior Cutting(2/2)

High-Speed Rail Interior Cutting

 High-Speed Rail Interior Cutting(图1)   High-strength aluminum alloys are mostly used inside high-speed transportation trains. This is to reduce weight and increase speed. The problem with high-strength aluminum alloys is cutting and forming. It is unreasonable to use laser cutting aluminum alloys, which will lead to The melting and deformation of aluminum alloys. At present, most of the cutting methods of aluminum alloys still use wire cutting and machining centers, which greatly affects efficiency. Waterjet cutting can just solve this problem. Waterjet cutting is cold cutting and will not deform. , The cutting speed is fast, no secondary processig is required after cutting, so it is reasonable to use waterjet cutting for high-strength aluminum alloy materials.


The internal parts of high-speed locomotives are also made of high-strength high-quality steel, which require high dynamic load carrying capacity and fatigue resistance. Therefore, all these parts are cut and processed without thermal cutting, because of any thermal cutting process Will cause micro-cracks on the edge of the material due to overheating, therey greatly reducing the fatigue life of the parts; waterjet cutting due to its cold cutting characteristics, does not generate high temperature, does not change the stress structure of the material to be cut, and does not cause the incision of the cut workpiece Therefore, it can ensure that the cut workpiece meets the requirements of strength and fatigue resistance, so that the safety performance of the locomotive can beguaranteed.High-Speed Rail Interior Cutting(图2)

High-speed rail windows, laminated glass, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, motorcycle interiors, felt and other composite materials are all cut using robotic waterjet cutting. The maximum cutting thickness of waterjet cutting can reach 200mm. Non-metallic materials can be cut thicker. It is recommended. Waterjet cutting equipment.

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