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Car interior cutting plan

Author:Emmy 2020-07-17 13:41:13
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  • Car interior cutting plan

    Car interior cutting plan(1/1)

Car interior cutting plan

Car interior cutting plan(图1)

The shape of automobile interior parts is relatively complex, composed of irregular spatial curves and curved surfaces, and multiple mounting holes are often opened on the workpiece, and the shape of the openings and the distribution of the holes are irregular. The traditional method mainly uses manual cutting, opening and then grinding after the mold is stamped and formed. The efficiency is low, and the cutting accuracy and consistency cannot be guaranteed (especially the problem is more prominent when manually opening the hole). In addition, cutting and grinding During the process, dust and noise are easily generated, molds are required, and the investment is large, which is not suitable for the requirements of modern cars for rapid modification. The ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machine is used for cutting, which has the advantages of high speed, accuracy and good consistency. The maximum cutting speed can reach 200mm/s, and the cutting seam is only about 0.1mm, and the processing flexibility of the production line is greatly improved, which can meet the needs of the automotive industry. Features of fast molding and small batch. According to actual comparison, it takes 45 minutes to process a car dashboard by hand for three people; while using an ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine to automate the operation, it only takes eight to ten minutes to complete.

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